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Timberline Ski area weather conditions


Timberline ski area is our favorite ski area because it is open year round and the folks that run the place take good care of our shredding needs.  Timberline has been a spawning ground for North American snowboarders since the beginning of the sport.  Just about every professional snowboarder has spent some time training and working at a snowboard camp based on the Palmer Snowfield at at Timberline during summer.  Timberline is the only ski area in the USA that remains open through summer.
Elevation: 8,540 ft.
Shredible acres: 1,430
Vertical drop:  3,590 ft.
Timberline Trail Map

Mt. Hood Meadows ski area weather conditions


Mt. Hood Meadows is the locals favorite because it features the best steep terrain at higher elevation and some great natural features... but, with season passes sold to hoards of locals for only $400 a pop, it get's skied out really quickly and lift lines can be quite an issue.  Go to "Hollyhood" to get totally radical, but don't expect to enjoy some quiet time in the woods.

Elevation:  7,300 ft.
Shredible acres: 2,150
Vertical drop:  1,178 ft.
 Steven's Pass trail map

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl ski area weather conditions


Mt. Hood Ski Bowl is America's largest night skiing area.  Located on the right side of highway 26 as you approach Government Camp, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl features some of the steepest chairlift accessible terrain on Mt. Hood.  Being the closest ski area to Portland, this is a great family place to go, since it's the quickest drive.  Lift tickets are cheapest on Hood (other than Summit).  Being lower elevation, be ready for occasional slush, but when you get this place on a  pow day, it can be better than any other area on Hood.

Elevation: 5,027 ft.
Shredible acres: 960
Vertical drop: N/A
Mt. Hood Ski Bowl trail map

Summit Ski Area ski area weather conditions


Summit may be the tiniest ski area on Mt. Hood, but it's also the oldest.  In fact, it was the first ski area in the entire Pacific Northwest, opening in 1927.  This is located right in the town ofGovernment Camp, it's a great place to take some short runs for kids, beginners and sledders--especially if you're staying in Govy, because you can just walk orcross country snowboardthere--ha!

Elevation:  4,000 ft.
Shredible acres:  N/A
Vertical drop:   N/A
Summit ski area trail map

Mt. Bachelor ski area weather conditions


Mt. Bachelor is located in Bend, Oregon about 2 hours from Mt. Hood.  Being a little further in from the coast and amidst a moisture sucking high dessert area, you'd think Bachelor would feature drier snow... it kind of does.  Bachelor is a great big ski area that is accessible on all 360 degrees of it's slopes.

Elevation: 9,065 ft.
Shredible acres: 3,683
Vertical drop: 3,365 ft.
Mt. Bachelor ski area trail map

Hoodoo Ski area weather conditions


Hoodoo is a small, family oriented resort.  All but one of their lifts empty back to the spacious, practical lodge.  The small, but steep terrain can make for some of the best chairlift access pow riding in Oregon--for real!  There are a few comical flat spots that make a donkey out of any snowboarder.  Lower elevation can mean wet conditions from time to time, but when the snow level is low, the place is pretty fun because it doesn't get skied out so fast.

Elevation:  5,703 ft.
Shredible acres:  806 shredible acres
Vertical drop: 1,035 ft.
Hoodoo skiarea trail map

Willamette Pass ski area weather conditions


Willamette Pass is a small resort that services the large city of Eugene.  It can be compared to Hoodoo in size.  Lower elevation means it can get a little sloppy at times, but hey, that's the Pacific NW in general--it makes for hardy riders!

Elevation: 5,120  ft.
Shredible acres:  555 shredible acres
Vertical drop: 1,563 ft.
Willamette Pass ski area trail map
*Willamette Pass resort statistics taken fromOregonSkiResorts.com

Warner Canyon ski area weather conditions


Warner Canyon is a tiny resort in Southern Oregon with on triple chair.  It boasts that there are no lift lines.  Maybe that is because hardly anyone goes there... OR, maybe they don't form lines there; they just dog pile at the bottom of the lift and the lifty "lifts" them onto the chairlift. 

Shredible acres: 200 shredible acres
Vertical drop:
Warner Canyon ski hill trail map

Mt. Ashland ski area weather conditions


Mt. Ashland is a great Southern Oregon ski area that offers some reasonable dry (by Oregon standards) snow.

Elevation: 7,500 ft.
Shredible acreas: 200 acres
Vertical drop: 1,150 ft.
Mt. Ashland ski area trail map

Mt. Bailey cat skiing weather conditions


Cat access snowboarding and skiing is pretty scarce in Oregon, but Mt. Bailey is one place that can get you to the unspoiled goods!  There are some nice runs and amazing views to be enjoyed with Cat Ski Mt. Bailey at Diamond Lake Resort.

Shredible acreas: 6,000 acres
Vertical drop: 1,150 ft.
Terrain Park: N/A
Halfpipe: N/A
Night skiing: YES

(All mountain statistics taken from eitherWikipediaor the respective ski resorts own website unless otherwise noted.)